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Executive committee reportKECO GROUP HOLDING, A new organization for greater efficiency, and increased performance.



In April 2018, the Group held a Management Committee to redefine the main lines of its commercial and managerial policies, in order to set priorities for its development. To this end, a restructuring has been developed in order to adapt the organizational charts of the latter as well as of all its subsidiaries to the decisions taken and adopted at the last Committee meeting in 2017, and published on the Holding’s website.

This organizational restructuring also meets the requirements imposed by a difficult Congolese economic situation due to the fall in the price of oil prices for two years and a significant public debt, which – in this context – calls for appropriate responses to ensure the continuity of the Group and the continuity of the subsidiaries’ operations.

Thus, appointments were made, and decisions approved, by the said Management Committee chaired by the Chairman and CEO of KECO GROUP HOLDING, Mr. Mesmin KABATH, to ensure a certain fluidity in decision-making. , and the reduction of fixed charges.

So were named:

Co-ordinator of KECO Construction, Mr. Fleming Huart MBOU SAMBALA, cumulatively in his function as General Manager of the CCC subsidiary (Continental Construction Company);
Technical Director of KECO Construction, Yvon Patrick MBANI, cumulatively in his function as General Manager of the subsidiary JR International;
Financial and Accounting Manager of KECO Construction, Mr. Francis Eric NIANGOUNA;
Coordinator KECO Energy, Mr. Jean Pierre PIERRARD;
Sales and Marketing Director of the Group, Mrs. Kadidia COULIBALY, with the rank and prerogatives of Deputy Managing Director at the International;
Deputy Chief Executive Officer in Congo, Mr. Fortuné LAMINI;
Chief Financial Officer and Accountant, Mr. Etienne TEMFACK;
Administrative and Legal Director, Mr. Henri Bonaventure MBEMBA;
Assistant to the DGD in Congo, in charge of the subsidiaries in creation, Virginie Blanche LIBOUONO;
Coordinator KECO R & D and Media, Mr. Wilfried KIVOUVOU
Assistant to the CEO, in charge of Prospecting and Planning with the rank and prerogatives of Director, Mr. Adelard MBEMBA;
Associate Director General for Asia, Ms. Chen BI;
Assistant to the CEO, responsible for Communication and Responsible Development (Group-Subsidiaries-Foundation), Mr. Gilchrist TONI;
Assistant to the CEO, in charge of missions and public relations, Mr. Karim KIORONINY;
Executive Assistant, responsible for information systems, telecoms and new technologies, Mr. Glenn MIAKASSISSA.
At the end of the appointments, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer validated the following decisions:

In view of the crisis in Congo-Brazzaville,

The salaries of KECO GROUP HOLDING agents are reduced by 20% and those of subsidiaries’ agents by 30%;
The subsidiary KYF Transit is temporarily removed;
Outright abolition, as well as the suspension of certain posts until the resumption of activities;
The Immo-K subsidiary is revalued as a real estate company;
Training and internships, as well as rents charged to companies, are suspended during the crisis period;
Finally, arriving at the end of the said meeting of the Committee, the CEO congratulated the work done by the Strategic Analysis Committee for the recommendations made, all of which were considered reasonable; and he re-solicited constant efforts from agents to revitalize the Group’s and subsidiaries’ sales activities.

It has thus encouraged them to invest even more in the search for opportunities, citing business directories, newspapers, and chambers of commerce as reliable sources of information.

As a last resort, and as the men do the work, the Chief Executive Officer encouraged the Group’s executives to take responsibility for the necessary reporting by them.

The Department of Communication.

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