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Our HR strategy is reflected, across all our locations, through two strategic axes and operational commitments :

Respect for the ethics and values of the KECO Group for all employees and employees is mandatory and ensures that our group will continue to be a very reputable organization.

Produce and innovate sustainably:
  • Innovate to anticipate new environmental requirements.
  • Acting for international development.
  • Strengthen the territorial anchoring of the Group’s activities.
  • Promote the solidarity of employees.
  • Establish a relationship of trust with sub-regional public and private actors.
Commitment with and for employees :
  • Ensure safety and ensure the health of all employees.
  •  Anticipating changes in professions, developing skills and promoting local talent.
  •  Accompany organizational change.
  •  Integrate all diversity and guarantee equal opportunities throughout the career path.
  •  Encourage social dialogue, involvement and commitment of employees
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