KECO Group Holding changes its organization. On October 21, 2017, a Management Committee was held, during which a new strategic orientation aimed at adapting the Group’s development to international perspectives was put in place. A new, more decentralized organizational structure structured by autonomous Country Directorates has been approved.

Four Country Directorates are thus emerging, namely: Congo-Brazzaville, Morocco, Ghana, and Côte d’Ivoire. The subsidiary Departments become operational structures of the Country Departments that supervise them. In order to guarantee the proper functioning of each of them, the Chairman of the Group has made the appointments of the country managers as follows:

-Director Country (Congo): Fortuné LAMINI,

-Director Country (Morocco): Arnaud YENGO,

-Director Country (Ghana): Linda DA SILVA,

-Director Country (Ivory Coast): William FRY

This approach is in line with the success of the first phase of the 2016 Restructuring, which brought the group’s management together around three major divisions (Energy, R & D and Construction). This completes and refines it for better performance and increased efficiency. The said clusters are now coordinated by:

-Coordinator R & D and Innovation Center: Kadidia COULIBALY,

-Coordonnateur Energy Center: Edgard Simplice LeBon ATTIPO,

-Coordonnateur Pole Construction: Huart Fleming MBOU-SAMBALA

To boost its image as an international group, and for a global drive focused on Africa, KECO Group Holding has set up an AFRICOOL Sales and Marketing Department that reports directly to Headquarters and will be at the forefront of its solar home appliance brand. in the different regions of the continent and in the world. Mr Adelard Ray MBEMBA has been appointed to head the company.

Finally, wanting to surround himself with the best skills to assist him in making strategic decisions, particularly those related to investment, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer proceeded to the appointment of two (2) advisers. An Administrative and Financial Advisor in the person of Mr. Edgard Simplice ATTIPO, and a Technical Sales Consultant in the person of Mr. Patrick Yvon MBANI; and for specific business, Mr. Gilchrist TONI has been promoted Assistant, Mission Manager.

The Chairman and CEO encouraged the nominees to put more effort into the work, always aiming for Continuous Improvement and Excellence promoted by the Group, while wishing them warm and warm congratulations.

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